Shizuoka Future Co-Creation Program | Starting from Shizuoka in Japan, let’s create the “100 year past future”.

StartingXI スターティングイレブン とはAbout StartingXI

StartingXI スターティングイレブン とは
About StartingXI

“Starting XI”, the Shizuoka Future Co-Creation Program, is an Open Innovation Program created by the collaborations of the three companies that has the headquarters in Shizuoka Prefecture. Which are; Shizuoka Railway Company, Shizuoka Gas Company, Shizuoka Telecasting Company.
To create new values for the “next 100 years” in Japan, we would like to make Shizuoka as a starting point by using the local resources in Shizuoka Prefecture which the three company owns and from connecting the ideas from the external factors (Ventures & Start-Up Company’s).

Throughout the Program,
 X 1 ・・・To the next “1” Century
 X I ・・・About the “I(Individual)”
To challenge the new value creating, we will select the “Starting Members”.

StartingXI スターティングイレブン とはAbout StartingXI

静岡という地域に根差す3社のリソースと、ベンチャー・スタートアップ企業の皆さまをはじめとする外部のアイデアを結び付けて、静岡を起点に、日本の “これからの100年” を持続的なものとするための新たな価値を創出していきます。

 X 1 ・・・これからの“1”世紀に向けて
 X I ・・・“ I(じぶん)”事として

About the Shizuoka Future Co-Creation Program: “Starting XI”


  • Recruitment Contents

    Create a collaboration idea using the resources from the Three Sponsored Companies and followed by those group companies.

  • Sponsor

    • 静岡鉄道株式会社
      Shizuoka Railway Company
    • 静岡ガス株式会社
      Shizuoka Gas Company
    • 株式会社テレビ静岡
      Shizuoka Telecasting Company
  • About the Matching System

    The given proposal idea will be discussed and considered by the three sponsored companies by having the base from the proposal contents.

    Image of the Matching System

    • 1 Operational Company x 1 Participating Company

    • Multiple Operational Company x 1 Participating Company

    • 1 Operational Company x Multiple Participating Company


  • Theme

    • Practical usage of ICT, Advanced Technology

    • Usage of Local Resources

    • Correspondence to Globalization

    Which will lead to…

    • Economic Activation
    • Tourism Activation
    • Problem Solving of the Locals

    And aiming for these factors.

    ※The registration is allowed besides the given theme.

  • Application Requirements

    BOTH Domestic and International Corporation, Organization, Individuals

  • Standards of Selection

    1. ① To the contribution of Local Activation and Local Problem Solving.
    2. ② Newly and Innovative
    3. ③ Has a high possibility of realistically to the “Collaboration
    4. ④ Includes some “excitement” for the Local Areas.

Information Session: Overview of the Program


  • Customer/Client Point of Contact & Basis

    ・Network of Public Transit: Train, Bus, Taxi
    ・About 370 thousand of Gas Provide to the customers, About 40 thousand of Electric Retail sales
    ・Media Approach towards 3.6 million people within the Prefecture (Television broadcast, News Gathering activity)
  • Wide range of Network

    ・Networks with Local Company, Local government
    ・Utilization of Public Facility by using the Designated management
    ・Approach to the Customer by using the Energy of Household use, Industrial use and Business use
    ・Various aspects of Networking by the Coverage, Sales and Event hold
  • Marketing

    ・Brand of the Locals, Usage of the Credibility
    ・Traffic Advertisement, Real Estate, Web and other various advertise media
    ・Three Showroom Places in the Shizuoka Prefecture, Information transmission from the Membership Website
    ・Media transmission within the Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Technology / Know-how

    ・Various approval from the Passenger Transport, Real Estate Business, Travel Industry, Construction Industry
    ・Gas Security Base, Service Technology of the Gas Machinery
    ・Contents Production & Filming technology cultivated by the Television Broadcast
  • Human Resource (HR)

    ・Qualified People: Driver, Housekeeper, Architect, Automobile Mechanic
    ・Person in charge of the Customer visit, Technical Staff who will protect the facility
    ・Staff who is engaged in the Broadcasting business
  • Various Type of Data

    ・Point, Transportation, Accumulation data of the Credit card function (LuLuCa Card)
    ・Energy Data which includes gas, electricity, etc.
    ・Visual Log Data which includes Coverage information and Archive
  • Other

    ・Vast Commercial land of Driving School and Golf course
    ・Office equipped by the Advanced Energy Facility: Shizuoka Gas & Power Fuji Power Station
    ・Location of Shizuoka Telecasting Company’s Facility

Please CLICK on the Logo of the Individual Sponsor Company’s Resources

  • 静岡鉄道株式会社
    Shizuoka Railway Company
  • 静岡ガス株式会社
    Shizuoka Gas Company
  • 株式会社テレビ静岡
    Shizuoka Telecasting Company



Starting acceptance of the Proposal of Ideas


First Deadline: Recruitments of Ideas
※For those who have submitted their Proposal before the deadline, there is a special opportunity to communicate with your preferable company. (We will set up the dates, so please wait for the email).

2019.9.29 (Sun)

Final Deadline: Recruitments of Ideas


First Screening (Documentation)


Second Screening (Pitch)





  • Tokyo Venue

    • Date:
      2019.7.10 (Wed) 15:30-17:30 (Opens 15:10)
    • Place:
      DIAGONAL RUN TOKYO (〒104-0028 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, Yaesu, 2-chōme−8−7 Fukuoka Building 4F)
      About 9 min walk from the JR Tokyo Station
      About 3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Station
    • Details:
      Please check the Official Facebook Page
  • Fukuoka Venue

  • Close: Kick-Off Orientation

    • Date:
      2019.6.3 (Mon) 13:30-15:00 (Opens 13:00)
    • Place:
      LIVE ROXY Shizuoka (28-1-2 Kurogane-cho Sakai-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Target:
      Thinking about entry of the Program,
      people who have interest in this Program are Welcome
    • Guest Speakers:
      • Shizuoka Railway Company, President and CEO, Tomohisa Imada
      • Shizuoka Gas Company, CEO and President Executive Officer, Hiroyuki Kishida
      • Shizuoka Telecasting Company, President and CEO, Yutaka Kobayashi
      • Program Management Office Members



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